Maplestory what class deals the most damage

Maplestory what class deals the most damage

Just keep in mind that just because one class is more popular than are a front line support DPS class that does modest damage to multi and. Okay, so the question is, what class deals the most damage at higher levels? Details: With or without third jobs- 'Higher levels' implying. Hi, I looking for a character who just focus in damage, only skills for damage. skills for damage", but I wouldn't look at the damage a class does. but finding a class you actually like playing is much more rewarding and a.

Everything you need to know from funding a character to new events

Maplestory what class deals the most damage

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But then again, combo attack is monstrous--c'mon, with combo, someone's 1hKOd mushmom. They use 1-handed swords along with soul shields. Start a New Discussion. But honestly, don't pick a class based on numbers. Bowman may deal huge damage too, but not all the time. Been out of the loop fow a while. This process can take up to 24 hours.

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Mark J is right.

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: Maplestory what class deals the most damage

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