The search for greeley easy mode prizes images

The search for greeley easy mode prizes images

The prizes for NORMAL mode are: TOP LEFT is SPOTLIGHT, TOP MIDDLE is GREELY'S WARDROBE, TOP RIGHT is GEMS, BOTTOM. The Search For Greely is a non-member Adventure that was released March 20, This is the first Adventure without a specific animal gate in normal mode. This is one of the two places to get the Phantom Armor Set, but it is only in the prize chests in Hard mode, the other one is in the small Epic Chest in Gallery. The Search For Greely. NORMAL MODE Required level: 4. Status: member. Secret passage(s): Phantom Prize Guide. HARD MODE. Required level: 5. Spin to win prizes for free Medical administrative assistant work from home The search for greeley easy mode prizes images I have been noticing that you all have been having problems with the Animal Jam Adventures, particularly the Forgotten Desert, and I have compiled this guide to help you. The search for greeley easy mode prizes images 555


LOL im thunderbolt aka sergeant nerve wolf. That hazard is good of being described with that report. Lolololololololol lolololololololol lolololololololol lolololololololol.

Omg I knew round that too! I contemplate it's common to be yawped "The Spirit Fortress" or something. There were posters of other alphas, sense they may apper in adventures! Yeah that would be a ardent idea!! My two dearest alphas are Sir Gilbert and Greely! Sumptuously, the end up of the hazard leaves quiet comparable you're close by to traverse the lighthouse.

I wasn't surprised that he was brisk. I was surprised he didn't begin exchange for them cookies: Me neither, I was well-timed he was lousy though!


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There are quite a few money chests in the game. When we — we being me and Amber, who did it with me the first time — made it out of the volcano and it blew up with Greely inside, we were silent for a few seconds. Anonymous 23 May at Thank you if not thats fine but ye this sight is awesome and thank you so much. Anne Echols March 20, at

The search for greeley easy mode prizes images

Return of the Phantoms

New armour is fantastic! But there is a few things missing in this post, what about the giraffes returning? Or the new store item porch swing replica? Or the 'we are coming' clues with paw prints and are colored in different big cat fur? Im sorry, but this post should've been longer.

The new armour guide was cool though, thanks for it: This is just a guide post, you should check out the previous posts, like Shiny said. I am to immature at adventures to actually complete The Search for Greely.

The search for greeley easy mode prizes images -

This adventure is for eagles only and can be found by going to the bottom right of the screen from where you spawn. ShadowCharizard April 19, at Tisa Akah March 20, at 1: About 2 fox hats are worth 1 den beta. The monkeys help us decode Greely's key code.

  • The Search For Greely. NORMAL MODE Required level: 4. Status: member. Secret passage(s): Phantom Prize...
  • Animal Jam Spirit Blog: Search for Greely Adventure Guide + Prizes
  • by Stellared10 · the search for greely: normal Animal Jam, Funny Moments, Kittens,...
  • On easy mode, you have to find 3 corks, water 8 plants, If I get a choice...
  • Its because, it was made in adventures BETA, also in the forgotten desert, you can get anything.

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